Reinstating the Role of Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Biology


Andes Has an Active Phase I Clinical Trial at University California San Francisco


Leveraging Our Strong Patent Portfolio to Seek Partnerships and Alliances


Silencing Long Noncoding Mitochondrial RNAs to Universally Treat Cancer


aCore Technology

Andes Biotechnologies’ core technology is composed of oligonucleotides targeting non-coding mitochondrial RNAs, focusing on cancer.

bClinical Trials

Andes Biotechnologies is currently carrying out Phase 1 trials in the United States to test the safety of Andes-1537

cIntellectual Property

Andes holds over 49 issued patents (including the EU, US, Japan) covering compositions of matter and the diagnostic and therapeutic uses of non-coding mitochondrial RNAs and oligonucleotides that target the RNA

About Andes Biotechnologies

We are focused on the research and development of innovative and effective treatments against cancer

Research Team

Andes Biotechnologies has a team of outstanding mitochrondrial and non-coding RNA researchers, with a robust networking of Chilean and international collaborators.

Management Team

Our management team consists of leading figures with decades of experience in the biotechnology industry in both Chile and the United States.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are molecular biologists and important venture capital investors who are committed to the cause of developing new treatments for cancer.


Andes Biotechnologies represents the most exciting moment of my career. Our core technology could represent an important advance in the treatment of all forms of cancer. By disrupting a novel family of RNA targets of mitochondrial origin with anti-sense technology, we can selectively destroy cancerous cells with no effect on healthy cells.

This is a completely new approach to treatment and so has the potential to create a whole new class of therapeutic products.



Dr. Luis Burzio was appointed to the Royal Society of Medicine

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Dr. Luis Burzio, Andes Biotechnologies’ Head of Preclinical Research and inventor of the Company’s core technology,  has been appointed as an international member of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)…

Andes Biotechnologies announces a strategic change in its board of directors

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Andes Biotechnologies announces that the Board has accepted Dr. Arturo Yudelevich’s resignation as director of the Company. The Board appreciates the time and commitment Dr. Yudelevich has devoted to our…

Publication in Bioworld Magazine

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Bioworld magazine recently interviewed Andes Biotechnologies’ Chief Operating Officer about the Company’s next steps in the United States. To access the full interview (subscription required), click in the following link:…

Andes Biotechnologies has an Active IND

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Andes Biotechnologies has received confirmation from the FDA that its IND is active so its Phase I clinical trial may proceed in the very near future.