Andes Biotechnologies today announced that it was granted two patents covering the use of a family of non coding mitochondrial RNAs as markers and therapeutic targets for Cancer. Andes’ non-coding mitochondrial RNAs represent a new type of molecules that have been characterized as unique targets for the detection as well as the therapy of Cancer. The two patents awarded to Andes are the European patent EP1 625 142 and the Mexican patent PA/A/2005/012620, both covering composition and use of non-coding mitochondrial RNA markers for pre-Cancer and Cancer cells.

Cristián Hernández-Cuevas, CEO of Andes Biotechnologies commented, “We are very pleased with the progress our core technology is having. Obviously, gaining protection on our intellectual property is an important step in the process that strongly validates our research and development efforts. I am confident that Andes’ drug candidates have the potential of treating many types of cancer in a way that is both safe and efficacious”.

About Andes Biotechnologies
The company was founded in Chile to research and develop innovative and effective treatments against cancer. Andes Biotechnologies has developed a new proprietary technology based on the discovery of a novel family of RNA targets of mitochondrial origin whose disruption by RNAi, or antisense technology, selectively destroy cancer cells. The company is leveraging the value of this technology with a management team with significant experience in biotech product development, an outstanding RNA research team and a robust network of key national and international collaborators in the cancer field. For more information

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