Dr. Bernardita Méndez is Head of Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property at Andes Biotechnologies. She has extensive experience in regulatory interactions with the FDA and intellectual property prosecution and strategy.

Dr. Méndez spent more than 10 years at Chiron Corporation, serving as Vice President of Regulatory and Quality Affairs. In this position, she established Chiron’s intellectual property department, securing patents in the United States and abroad, and obtained worldwide regulatory approval for biotechnology-derived therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines.

In her academic career, Dr. Méndez has taught biology at Pontificia Universidad Católica and served as Executive Director of the University’s Center for Genetics and Bioinformatics. She has published more than 15 academic papers on microbiology and regulatory affairs, and worked as an advisor to Chile’s Ministry of Education.

Dr. Méndez was a Board Member for One World Health, the first non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States. She currently sits on the board of Comunidad Mujer, a Chilean non-profit that promotes women’s participation in the workplace and politics.

Dr. Méndez holds a post-doctoral fellowship from the University of California, Berkeley, a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Universidad Católica de Chile, and an undergraduate Biology degree from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago.