Dr. Luis Burzio is Andes Biotechnologies’ Head of Preclinical Research, and inventor of the Company’s core technology for cancer treatment.

Dr. Burzio’s career has spanned multiple decades in both Chile and the United States. He has served as Research Vice President of Chile’s Universidad Austral, and as Chairman of the Instituto de Bioquímica in Valdivia. In the United States, Dr. Burzio spent 10 years at the Population Council at Rockefeller University in New York.

He has received numerous recognitions, including First Prize, Biotechnology for Human Health from France’s Institut Pasteur, and the Prize for Academic Achievements in the Sciences from Chile’s Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello.

Dr. Burzio holds a post-doctorate in Biochemistry from Rockefeller University in New York, a PhD from the Universidad de Chile, and undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the Universidad de Concepción.